Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to commission a necklace in a color?

This is possible only if I have the beads on hand to create the desired style.

Do you work with my beads?

I almost never do this. Sometimes I can place a single bead that you have collected into an already existing necklace.

Is it possible to have an old necklace taken apart and redesigned?

No. I find that this does not work.

Do you repair jewelry?

I only repair my own work.

If I have a special event and cannot get to a show in time, is there a way to purchase a necklace?

Yes, I do make private appointments. Please e-mail me at

Where do you get your beads?

I go to beads shows and work with bead artists. I have been collecting for years and buy beads when I travel.

What does vintage mean?
It takes about 20-30 years to call a bead vintage. I often use uncirculated vintage beads which means it has not been worn before.

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